David Joseph Self

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Medium: Ceramics

Artwalk 2016 Location: Charm, 2329 2nd Avenue North

 I am a Birmingham native and began working in clay while attending school at UAB.  About 10 to 12 years ago I caught the “bug” again and purchased a kiln, some clay and dug out all of my old tools and got to work.  Without having any former, or any at all for that matter, training in the wheel, I began to figure out a way to produce wares without a wheel or any clue of how to use it.  Hand-building with coils of clay was too tedious and I soon began to employ the use of slabs.

All works begin with hand rolled slabs of clay.  A library of templates in various sizes and shapes are utilized to guide the cutting of the slabs into the desired shapes. 

Each work is individually designed and created with particular attention to form and color.  My work has a masculine and geometric flavor, however the work itself is quite organic as the template design begins with a more feminine shape.  My desire is to create elegance with simplicity.       


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