Walt Stricklin

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Medium: Photography

Artwalk 2018 Location: Athens Flatts Parking Lot, 2306 2nd Avenue North

From 1974 - 2012 I worked as a photojournalist for six newspapers and received many awards including runnerup for the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. I started working as a newspaper photographer while in college and did almost every job in a photo department from lab tech, shooting, editing and eventually to Director of Photography at 2 papers.

While I found my career as a photojournalist fulfilling there always seemed to be a little something absent. In 2008 I found that missing piece when I started shooting my Scapes. They are a different, challenging and something with which I connect artistically. Plus, they have nothing to do with journalism and its rigid ethical rules.

My "Scapes" are 2-dimensional sculptures that are preconceived, digitally hand crafted and not stitched by a computer program. My composite landscapes are a blend of reality and my interpretation of a given situation or location.

With the idea that our environment shapes us as much as we shape our surroundings, I look for the everyday places that represent a universal us. They are meant to celebrate the common characteristics of places and people and how they fit together.

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