Donna DiGiorgio

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Medium: Mixed Media

Artwalk 2016 Location: Historic Morris Avenue

I am an artist. I am a recycler. Some people want to label my work as ‘upcycling.’ I have a passion for recycling and repurposing what others view as trash. I have been going to my family’s lake property since I was a small child. The property has been in my family since the 1950s. The family and other would dispose of their trash in the back woods of the land. I discovered this trash pile or treasure site as a teenager. I have been collecting old bottles, metal cans and toy parts for years. The question that everyone asks me is “why?” I knew that I would do something with this ‘trash/treasure’ one day. I researched what other people were doing with these items and discovered someone making fish from bottle caps. I saw a way to use the old tin cans. I began collecting discarded wood and cut the fish bodies from it. I used my old Budweiser or Cook’s cans and cut them up for fins and tails. I colored the fish body in with bottle caps from beer and sodas. I created something and it looked cool. When I showed it to other people they were impressed. So, I made more fish and decided to make owls, peace signs and flowers as well. My career as an artist began.

I now have my art in several locations and I am making a tour of the art shows in the Southeast. I am always creating unique art because I have to use whatever I can find. I am not sure if it is more fun to create the art piece or find the material for the piece.

I hope that you enjoy each piece and know that the material was handpicked and made by me.

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