Troy Crisswell

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2018 Location: Gallery Lofts Parking Lot, 2412 2nd Avenue North

troy crisswell – born, 1952 …in b’ham al…grew up in montevallo, al in 50’s and 60’s…began drawing and painting and  playing guitar in 1964…got fairly good at both…included in art show senior year high school where sold several pieces to teachers and students but didn’t register…thought it was a fluke….played electric guitar in various bands in south and northeast until about age 25 when became tired of entertaining people…took job as camera operator in commercial art dept in b’ham and eventually became graphic artist …worked this job for several years… began painting seriously at night and on weekends and attending local life classes… married in 84 to potter Becky Bolton from whom he learned about art fairs… …began showing at art fairs in 1988 and 3 years later quit day job and has been full time painter since ’91…for several years sold watercolors and in 1998 or so began showing oils as well as watercolors….

1952 -  born – Birmingham, Alabama

1964 -  began drawing and painting

1968 - art classes at Indian Springs School

1971 – art classes at Birmingham Southern College

1979 – employed as graphic artist

1981 – began attending life classes

1988 – began exhibiting

1991 -  full time painter

These paintings are done using oil on Masonite board or canvas. I normally use a transparent glazing technique, using one of several oil painting mediums available. There can be as few as one layer of paint over the white ground, or many, depending on the piece. Having said that, sometimes I will reverse myself and use a totally opaque method, using lots of white paint.

I guess I try to create a sort of mood, and use some surrealistic elements here and there to throw the viewer off just a little – but not enough so that he or she trips on the pavement…I’m a figure drawing fan, so a lot of figures show up in the pictures – family members and people I know most often. I’m trying not to sound too pompous here, but every now and then I’ll get a piece that I actually like.     

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