Philip Griffith

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Medium: Photography

Artwalk 2018 Location: Philip Griffith Photography Studio: 2325 1st Avenue North

I’m a fine-art photographer based in Birmingham, Alabama.  My background is a combination of studying photography at the University of Montevallo and years of on-the-job experience as both a studio assistant and photographer.  But due to the changes in the photography business and for both personal and economic reasons, I closed my photography business at the end of 2009 and decided it was time for a change.  I began working on a new series of “roadside explorations” throughout Alabama and Illinois and then decided in 2010 to re-direct my focus completely towards the fine-art side of photography.

My work since 2010 (and before) has always been based on exploring the roadside ruins and remnants along the highways.  But it’s not simply documenting another decaying and/or abandoned structure along the roadside.  My images are about the surrounding environments, pre-existing compositions and things left behind.  They are about visual discovery and the ability to capture the distinctive quality of time and place.

Although I have worked almost exclusively in digital format since 2010, I still use both pinhole and toy plastic cameras for certain imagery and situations.  I also maintain a functioning darkroom in my studio and continue to work on creating images through film based photographic processes.    

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