Kevin Booth

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2016 Location: Gallery Lofts, 2412 2nd Avenue N


I just like to paint. I don’t feel like I have a ‘technique’. I was taught techniques, sure. I went to school for the visual arts. Any more, however, I find myself in front of something blank with just some time and, eventually, paint on my hands. 

I like simple yet, sophisticated. Most of the things I paint on are trash. Pallets or planks of wood. Shards of metal. Unexpected canvas with natural texture and character. I don’t have a bias against stretched canvas. You can find it on the cheap at thrift stores. I just like scrap trash better. 

As for the medium, it is also simple. Wal-mart bought supplies. Acrylics, Pencil, Crayola Crayons, Spray paint, Poly urethane, etc. It is affordable and the finished product is unrepentantly pleasant. You can get real creative with Crayola colored pencils and a highlighter, if that is all you have to work with. 

Most of my projects begin with basic colors, silhouettes‘, and layering’s. I try to build on top of those bases to a find a final, aesthetically pleasing picture. It sounds silly, but I try to keep it simple, and let the picture happen. Some would call that a ‘method‘, or ‘technique‘. I just like to paint.

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