Wes Carter

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2017 Location: Rogue Tavern Parking Lot, 2312 2nd Avenue N

I am a painter focusing primarily on landscapes. Many of my paintings are based on my experiences and impressions of places I’ve been, aided by photography, but are never slavishly copied from photographs. Other paintings are created completely from my imagination.

I constantly seek to improve my skills as a plein air painter.

In my paintings I hope to convey the sense of awe and wonder that the natural world inspires in me. For me, a painting is successful when it has an implied sense of narrative, when the viewer feels that they are glimpsing only a small part of a larger story that they will never completely comprehend.

My preferred painting mediums are Oil, Watercolor and Gouache. I paint primarily on masonite board and occasionally on canvas.


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