David Byland

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Medium: Leather

Artwalk 2017 Location: Artefact Supply, 2211 2nd Avenue North

It has been said that the things we surround ourselves with should look and feel beautiful.  As an artist, I agree with that.  I also believe they should endure.  I’ve worked in various media…wood, photography, digital art…and they were all rewarding in their own way.  But it was when I discovered leatherwork that I realized I had found the medium that really united all of my passions as a person and artist.  Leather lends itself to practical use, but also looks and feels beautiful.  It captures the romance of the old west, but is equally at home in the boardroom as it is on the ranch.  Leather connects me to my love of the outdoors and the cowboy way of life, and gives me the privilege and pleasure of bringing that aesthetic to everyone I create a custom work of art for.  Each book, or portfolio, knife sheath, or set of spur straps is created to last a lifetime.  Each one is designed to capture the beauty of the leather using traditional western designs and modern motifs.  And each one represents another step on my journey as an artist.

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