Regenia Doyle

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2017 Location: Available for Lease, 2312 1st Avenue N

Regenia Doyle is a Georgia based jeweler who creates hand crafted and uniquely designed jewelry. Each piece is individually made using a combination of traditional and contemporary designs.

Regenia draws inspiration from the shapes and colors that occur in nature. Jewelry pieces combine semi-precious stones, pearls, cabochons, and shells, with silver, copper, 14 k gold, and gold-filled metals. The techniques she uses include metal forming, wire work, chaining, and bead weaving.

As an artisan, she constantly strives to learn new techniques, combining them with her existing skills. Though self taught in many aspects of the art of jewelry design and construction, she has expanded her knowledge and skills through study with notable instructors and continuous study of jewelry design and fabrication.

Regenia majored in Art at the University of Georgia, receiving a degree in Art Education in 1972, but followed a different career path as a higher education administrator. Today she is pursuing her love of jewelry design and manufacture on a full-time basis. She participates in art shows and festivals throughout the southeast and can be contacted through her web site at Regenia Doyle Jewelry on or by e-mail at


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