Matthew Mayes

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2016 Location: The Wine Loft, 2200 1st Avenue North

Matthew Mayes was born in Florence, AL. He is a self-taught artist with over 11 years’ experience as a professional. He currently resides in Birmingham, AL with his partner and their son.

Matthew began painting as a child after watching the “Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross. He had experienced a number of stints with hospitalization and home schooling due to illness and needed an outlet for hi creativity. Art was his answer and savior.

Matthew states, “Once I believe that love, food and music were the core passions that transcended all race, creed and color. Now I know that art encompasses all. My works are studies in color perception, definition, and composition. I see color as neutral, primary and secondary. I allow natural ability combined with a trained eye to create. Without both, my art could not exist.”

Technique: I only use acrylic paints to create my work. There are no paint extenders and/or texture enhancers utilized in my work. I paint on canvas and hollow core doors. I’ve created a technique that provides a texture similar to an old fashion washboard used to clean clothing. This texture can either be horizontal, vertical, and/or both within a single painting. Many of my pieces resemble water, horizons and scapes.



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