Catalina Bonet-Lopez

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2016 Location: Lindsey Office Furnishings, 2223 1st Avenue N

Catalina Bonet-Lopez was born in Mallorca, Spain in 1969. Catalina works predominantly in the medium of painting and analog photography. She completed her BFA at the University of Alabama in 2010. Her paintings and photography were recognized with numerous jury shows and awards (2009 Wingate Fellowship). After graduation, she continued to build a portfolio (see while on a three-year stay in Germany.

Since returning to Alabama, Catalina has showed some of her work in 2015 Birmingham Artwalk together with other artists of the Birmingham Art Association and also participated in three events of the Art Crawl.

Catalina continuously explores the complex range of human emotions, sometimes inquiring into questions of gender, progress, and economic inequality. She uses photographs that she takes of people, mainly children, as the basis for her paintings, creating original compositions with ambiguous narratives as shown in the beheaded mannequin the painting The ruffled collar. Through her focus on the human figure, she merges personal experiences, children’s environment and arguable issues that contemporary society confronts.

Currently she is working on evolving a theatrical dimension as shown in the painting The Bowed, that should seduce the viewer.

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