Laura Nigg

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2016 Location: Athens Flatts Parking Lot, 2306 2nd Avenue North

Laura Nigg was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She was first taught to paint and draw by her mother, who was herself a talented amateur artist. Laura had occasional art classes as a teenager and young adult. Her first career was as a Physical Therapist which she pursued for many years. Eventually she decided to concentrate more on art. In 2011 she began a serious study of painting. She also studied with an excellent Birmingham artist Terry Strickland.

I mostly create oil paintings of objects. I prefer bright colors in my paintings, and so tend to pick colorful objects. I work in oils on canvas and board. Usually I paint from life with the subject of the painting in front of me. A lot of my recent work has been paintings of fruit and vegetables. The colors and shapes of these ordinary objects give visual interest to the images when translated into shapes. I think that it is easier to relate to a painting when you can tell what the object is, so I prefer realism to abstract paintings.

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