Craig Roderick and Sara Beck

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Medium: Photography

Artwalk 2018 Location: Athens Flatts Parking, 2300 2nd Avenue South

Working as a collaborative team, we seek to create art that has striking visual impact. We do so by shooting whenever possible at night or in low light. We also achieve our desired result through choice of subject matter, intense color, perspective, printing technique, and presentation on acrylic. All forms of art, whether it is a painting, sculpture, mixed media or clay, is an experience for the viewer. It is the experience that one has when they view art that is the essence of its meaning and impact. We hope that people who view and buy our art enjoy the experience each time they see our work, because that is its true value and worth, and by extension, is the truest assessment of our success or failure artistically.

Our artistic process is straight forward. As we move about, we seek unusual subject matter, or we try to photograph more familiar subjects in different ways. Lately we have been drawn to things that have been abandoned by man or nature. It is often dangerous to explore abandoned locations at night without first going there in the light to assess the venues. So we scout locations during the day, shooting the ones we do not feel comfortable with at night, and returning to those where we feel we can safely shoot in the dark. Even though our mantra is everything looks better at night, sometimes better judgment has to trump artistic desire. All automatic functions on our cameras are disabled, as they will not work reliably at night. The ISO (light sensitivity) is set to its lowest level, narrow apertures, and long exposures are used in most instances to capture the starburst effects on light and color intensity. We do not use filters or extensive computer manipulation to achieve the results you see in our work. Night photography is trial and error, and with exposures lasting 10 minutes or longer, we spend a lot of time at each location trying for that remarkable shot. Depending on circumstances, we supplement available light by “light painting” with LED flashlights for effect. We do correct for exposure, shadows and highlights, cropping and other factors. We do not add things to our images that were not there, but we do remove distracting items that detract from the visual experience we were trying to create. We are happy to discuss in detail any image and what done to it in post processing.

We hope you enjoy our work, thanks for stopping by.


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