Sarah Soule Webb

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2017 Location: Available for Lease, 2312 1st Avenue North

My life has been colored with pastels, charcoal, and paint for as long as I can remember.  Raised on the water in Pensacola Florida, I started my professional career as a child, painting fish on drift wood and old pieces of docks. My works adorn homes throughout the Southeast and are known for a vibrant, casual style, and depict stylized images of beloved places, people, and slices of life.

My “Sanctuary" series includes meaningful images of stained glass and architecture of the many beautiful churches in Birmingham and around the world.  Many of these images are available in original work as well as limited-edition prints.  My “Cartography” series features cities in an abstract style that juxtaposes real geographic features with a looseness that encourages viewers to connect with the art work. Contact me for inquiries into new cities or churches as subject matter.

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