Tenisha Hicks

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Medium: Printmaking

Artwalk 2016 Location: Historic Morris Avenue

Tenisha Artes Hicks is a visual artist currently residing Alabama. She received her BFA in printmaking with an art history minor at the University of Montevallo in May 2011. Originally studying painting and sculpture, Tenisha found a new love and then decided to further her skills and knowledge in the arts of printmaking. While at Montevallo, she was under the guidance of instructor and well-known printmaker: Scott Stephens. Her printmaking skills include: wood cut & large format relief printing, zinc & copper plate intaglio etching {design etched or engraved in a metal plate, producing a concave effect}, photo etching {light sensitive plate that exposes an image in a UV exposure box and is developed like film in photography}, screen-printing {serigraphy}, and lithography {printing from a metal or stone surface on which the printing areas are not raised but made ink-receptive while the non-image areas are made ink-repellent}. Her work primarily deals with the suppression of male femininity and female masculinity; exploring the issues of male and female roles in society and how society forces certain roles onto unwilling participates, society's view of male and female homosexuality, and the psychological affects and sensations we feel as trapped humans.

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