Trisha Kennamer

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2016 Location: Historic Morris Avenue

Plate Breaker Jewelry makes and sells unique, fashionable, handcrafted jewelry.

Plate Breaker was after the devastating April, 2011 Southeast tornado outbreak. In the months following the outbreak, Trisha Kennamer helped to coordinate relief efforts for her church. She spent her days helping families to clean up and rebuild after the storms. Day after day she helped families shovel small pieces of families' heirloom china and everyday dishes into garbage bags. At one particular house, Trisha found a piece of the tile from the family's fireplace. Acting more out of concern than experience, she handcrafted her first necklace, and gave it to the woman she had befriended.

From that point forward, she looked at broken pieces of china differently. Once the disaster cleanup was over, she started to hone her jewelry making skills. Two years later this passion and avocation has become a business, so that she can share the beauty she sees in a piece of broken china with others.

Much recovery has taken place since the 2011 tornadoes. The wounds are deep and still exist. Plate Breaker exists to bring out the beauty in a broken object.

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