Kimberly Farmer

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2016 Locaiton: Literacy Council of Central Alabama, 2301 1st Avenue N

Every time I put my brush to paper, I have very little vision of how the painting will look in the end. I start with a broad idea, letting a color or the shape of a flower guide my next move. Each choice is made with consideration to the previous choice. Every one of these moments is appreciated and explored fully until there is no space left. My paintings aren't planned or created. They are found and nurtured, piece-by-piece, growing into a living creature that brings life to any wall.

When working mindfully, I prefer the flowing nature and layering properties of watercolor. Each level of color, organic shape, and line creates a harmonious ecosystem that breathes and lifts itself off the paper. I'm inspired by the beauty of flowers and the sensuality of human anatomy. These shapes attract the viewer to my paintings, but it's the details that entrance them. My hope for each painting is that it inspires the viewer to be mindful in their own lives, and to appreciate each beautiful moment as it happens.

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