Carole Poppleton-Schrading

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2018 Location: Lindsey Office Furnishings, 2223 1st Avenue N

I’ve been making art in one form or another for most of my life; for the past several years I have focused my creative energy on wax works (Encaustic), a medium that originated almost 2,000 years ago. I am drawn to wax because of its versatility, its ability to morph and evolve as I apply layers of color and medium, fusing them with heat. This medium excites me because of the depth and range of color I can get within each piece and the surprises that can happen as I heat the wax. I like the fact that I can only control so much of the process as each pigment reacts uniquely to heat and substrate.

Each piece grows over time; I initially mix the pigmented waxes with medium, apply them to the surface which is some form of reclaimed wood, heat the entire piece to fuse layers and then wait for it all to cool. This process forces me to focus intensely, work rather quickly and then be patient. Working with wax allows me to remove layers, carve into them to create textures or reveal what is underneath, and easily cover areas that don’t feel right to me. This mercurial nature is what pleases me most about encaustics.

I draw most of my inspiration from nature: trees and field; discoveries made on hiking trails or walking with my dog; patters found within bark, leaves or grasses; and, of course, living entities. I began my wax works with abstractions and have moved to objective work, first landscapes and pastorals and now animals. I continue to experiment with the size of the canvas as well as the materials I can include in the wax, playing with collage and finishes like gloss mediums and epoxy resins.


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