Sofia Allarakhia

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2017 Location: Available for Lease, 2312 1st Avenue North

I am a Birmingham-based artists originally from Long Beach, California. Artwork, particularly painting, captured my interest early on in life. The ability to create something out of virtually nothing really drew me in. Painting and drawing has been my way to escape from everything and express myself creatively. I am mainly self-taught through years of experimenting with various techniques and mediums. Majoring in accounting and working as an auditor, art has continued to be my creative outlet and helped to bring balance between my work and personal life. I especially enjoy creating large paintings utilizing both mathematical and painting techniques, as a way to bring my two worlds together. While most of my work is done in acrylic, I have used watercolor and oil paints as well. I like to experiment with different size canvases ranging in subject matter, but specifically of abstract faces. The usage of colors and shadowing to create a story behind a piece especially intrigues me. There is so much inspiration and beauty found everywhere, and it is my goal to capture part of my vision and express it through my work.

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