Kimberly Farmer

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Medium: Watercolor

Artwalk 2018 Locaiton: Lindsey Office Furnishings, 2223 1st Avenue N

It begins with a desire. Something sparks my attention. An idea. A tug of the heart. Suddenly, I am taken. I lose myself in a world on the page. I search for a moment of excitement – a color, a shape, the curve of a line. Each detail pulls me deeper into myself. I study these moments with my heart. I deepen the emotion with color and shape until it is fully realized on the page. Then I look back at my work and find another delightful detail. It starts again.

In this way I create an intricate environment of emotion and form. I mesh and mold shapes together, layer them on top of each other, and repeat them in various sizes throughout the painting to create the illusion of space. I explore the depth of my personality in a way I could never do with word, song, or dance. My inner self is reflected onto the canvas. My hopes, dreams, and desires show up as the color of a sunset in its last ten seconds, or in the curve of a blooming Calla Lily.

My process is a ritual of self-exploration and escapism. The result is a world in which that the viewer can lose themselves. With several sessions of meditation upon the painting, the viewer learns more of their own delights, and therefore they learn more of my own. I invite the viewer to escape with me, and to return feeling more connected with themselves and with me.

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