Emma Knapp

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2018 Location: Rogue Tavern Parking, 2312 2nd Avenue N


A native of Nyack, New York, I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and attend school at Birmingham Southern College. I am a senior BFA student: my anticipated graduation is May 2017.  I enjoy working with ceramics, mixed media, and cast iron. My signature piece, a cast iron angel, has been featured at the Birmingham Museum of Art, and Vulcan Park Gallery. During the school year, I sell my jewelry at festivals around the southeast. The industrial surroundings in Birmingham have inspired the current aesthetic of my jewelry. I try to capture the rustic, industrial style in my jewelry by incorporating small mechanical pieces and gears in every piece I create. I capture this style in my jewelry by taking apart old, recycled watches and placing gears, tiny cast pieces, and found objects inside of the emptied watch casing.

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