Jill Marlar

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Medium: Mixed Media

Artwalk 2018 Location: Urban Standard, 2320 2nd Avenue North


Best known for her Birmingham, Alabama landmark etching series, artist Jill Marlar is not afraid to try her hand at several mediums. Her early career as a painter led her to study printmaking, primarily concentrating in intaglio aquatint etching. For nearly a decade she has created several popular series including works reflecting local Alabama landmarks and another series depicting mid century southern images. Taking her images to another level, she began putting them on fabric to make her popular landmark pillow series sold in several Alabama retailers.

Twenty years from her beginnings as a painter, then printmaker and now finding herself  where it all began. Her most recent entry back into painting finds its influences tied to well known surrealist Giorgio DeChirico, bridging her affection for historical places, social themes, and a bold palette.

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