Joni Moore

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Medium: Mixed Media

Artwalk 2018 Location: Rogue Tavern Parking Lot, 2312 2nd Avenue N

My work centers around the human psyche and perception; exploring themes of identity, how the soul resides within the body, and the psychological footprint left by human experience. By using multiple mediums, a visual hierarchy of memory is created by examining how it fades, remains or haunts. I suggest a figure by combining subjective textures with graphite, charcoal, and tea/coffee stains to construct complex emotional layers of information internalized within figurative boundaries. As my work embodies a quiet and ethereal nature, it allows the materials to guide the affecting quality of each piece. These suggested figures are encapsulated within an atmosphere that exists as psychological context, mimicking the emotional setting initiated by the figure.

My purpose in creating this work is to raise and encourage topics of vulnerability in the viewer. I began producing emotional and psychological work as a result of my own experience with anxiety and discomfort with existential angst, regret, shame, and painful memories. The impressions left behind in our psychological build up is a key agenda for my work, which seeks to establish and confront both internal and external topics of empathy.

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