Ken Boyd

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 Medium: Photography

Artwalk 2018 Location: Massey's on 2nd Avenue, 2318 2nd Avenue North



Ken Boyd has been a passionate, enthusiastic and award-winning photographer and writer for more than four decades.  He taught photography courses at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University for more than 23 years on subjects ranging from traditional darkroom methods and vintage 19thcentury photographic processes to creative digital techniques.   The Shades Valley Camera Club has recognized Ken with the “Master of Photography” designation.  

Beginning with the new millennium, he embraced and participated fully in the transformation of photographic imaging from film and the wet darkroom to digital capture and the computer.  All of his photography is somewhat idealized and romanticized.  Backgrounds and foregrounds may be enhanced or replaced, colors are often enlivened, and distractions are removed. His approach and philosophy for photography is simple – a clean, orderly and optimistic representation for every image.

Ken’s work, techniques and reviews have been published in numerous magazines and journals including Camera and DarkroomView CameraBirminghamPorticoShutterbugShelby LivingGarden RailwaysHoover SunOver the Mountain Journal, PowerPower EngineeringIndustrial Hygiene, and Environmental Management.  His photography has been featured in books entitled, The View CameraWorthy of Remembrance – a History of Redmont, and Golden Jubilee..  

In 2014, Ken published through Voyageur Press (Quartos Group) a very popular and internationally distributed book entitled The Art of the Locomotive; more than 10,000 copies have been sold.  In early 2017, he signed a contract with Kalmbach Publishing to produce a book entitled Historic Locomotives.  In addition, he is currently developing with the University of Alabama Press a coffee table-type book illustrating and detailing beautiful and scenic watermills from across North America. 

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