Robin Rogers

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2018 Location: A.C. Legg Lofts, 2319 1st Avenue North

As a multi-faceted artist, I have been learning about and creating art for most of my life – from American Indian beadwork as a child, to painting, pen & ink drawing, stained glass, photography and, of course, jewelry.  My jewelry is created with a focus on color and details.  Bracelets and necklaces are created using a Japanese form of weaving called Kumihimo.  Using a loom with eight warp threads and strategically placed glass seed beads, I create multiple designs to emphasize the beauty of the selected color palette.  In addition to my Kumihimo creations, I also weave copper wire, gemstone and glass beads into visually enticing pendants.  Using a rainbow of colors and a variety of patterns, a kaleidoscope of beautiful, wearable art is accomplished. 



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