Dan Deem

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Medium: Photography

Artwalk 2018 Location: Massey's on 2nd, 2318 2nd Avenue North

I have been pursuing the photographic image since the mid 70’s.  I started as a photojournalist and specialized in sports photography.  Over time I was fortunate to have my work displayed on major television networks, and to be published in periodicals such as Sporting News Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post.  At some point in the 80’s, I put the camera down and moved on to other things, all the while telling myself that “soon” I would pick it back up and pursue the artistic expression I had been missing.

“Soon” ended up being 2001 when I picked up the camera once again, only this time it was digital, which lends itself by its nature, to the artistic areas of photography.  Since making the migration to a digital format, most of my work is enhanced in the editing process.  Manipulating light and focus, enriching or replacing color, removing distractions, and other editing techniques, all in an effort to set a mood or present a point of view.


In terms of subject, much of the time I find myself drawn toward antiquity and the innate character displayed within its history, but generally choose subject matter that for whatever reason, I find interesting.  I read somewhere that the viewing of art, in any form or medium is an experience.  That experience will define it’s meaning, and gauge its impact to the viewer.  My goal is to create an image that stirs the viewers’ senses and emotions;  allows them to go back in time, or explore the visual boundaries of how they see everyday life.

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