Bev Mabry

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  Medium: Mixed Media

Artwalk 2018 Location: Massey's on 2nd, 2318 2nd Avenue North

Busy hands, busy mind. Always wanting to know the how and why. Curious.

I love to create and develop ideas that ultimately make people smile.

Giving old things a new life, my graphic design background also influences my work. Maps, jewelry, street finds, acrylic paint are all used to create my primary body of work. My work starts out with an idea and comes alive on the canvas.

I  moved to Birmingham from the Boston area in 1984 when I married the man who puts up with my crazy ways. It is home for me. We have two amazing daughters.  

Education: BA in Art from University of Massachusetts

Experience: Advertising, freelance graphic designer, muralist & gallery artist in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Alabama. Visual Art Instructor.


I am also a Visual Arts Specialist at a private Montessori school teaching young creative minds and doing so for twenty years. I love the creative process and usually always covered in paint. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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