Daniela Deluca

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 Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2018 Location: Wooster Lofts: 2321 1st Avenue North


My paintings are constantly changing.  A painted organic object becomes a landscape. Texture is integral in my work.  Painting is a process, as I constantly add and take away paint, pumice gel, paper and fabric.  I take inspiration from the various landscapes that I am blessed to have called home. The Pacific Coast and the Northeastern Seaboard have inspired me with the endless coastal vistas. The Italian landscape in Tuscany compelled me to paint cypress trees.  The Southwest with its warm earthen colors and vast skies brought new imagery and a new palette to my collections.  Presently the Southeast is allowing me to layer materials and colors to capture mountains and lakes as I contemplate the South's endless history and beauty.  The various forms of nature I have seen and respected in these lands have translated to the subjects of my visual voice.

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