Cecily Chaney

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2016 Location: Gallery Lofts, 2412 2nd Avenue N

Artist uses traditional metal working techniques to create limited edition or one of a kind jewelry in sterling silver and copper.  She is an award winning artist who has been featured in several local publications.  Each piece starts with sheet metal and or wire which is sawed out to form the desired shape.  Other tools may shape the metal and the metal is filed and sanded.  Bezel cups or previously made ornamentation may be added for design purposes.  The piece is then tumbled with steel shot to polish and refine the piece further.  Finally the stone is set.  For many of her copper pieces she uses powered glass on the metal and fires it in a kiln.  The metal is shaped prior to this procedure. Most components are made by the artist with some chains and clasps being purchased. Some chains are made one link at a time.  Cecily is also an award winning fine arts painter and is currently serving on the Board of the Fultondale Arts Council.  Involved with artistic endeavors for as long as she can remember, since retirement she has had more time to pursue the art she loves.