Julie Jackson

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Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2018 Location: Lindsey Office Furnishings, 2223 1st Avenue North

After receiving a B.S. Degree in Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design at the University of Alabama, Julie began designing textiles for a leading manufacturer. She has traveled the world promoting her award-winning designs featured on furniture, wall, floor and window covering collections such as Smith + Noble. Her work is also featured on designer purse and accessory collections. In 1998, Julie began designing, handcrafting and refining her unique and distinctive jewelry creations, later to be known as Inspirals.

“What started as a personal creative outlet, gave way to numerous requests from friends, family and acquaintances to create similar, but still unique pieces to compliment their tastes.”

The Inspirals Handcrafted Jewelry business was established in August of 2005. Today, the award-winning Inspirals Collection is featured in art galleries and exhibited throughout the country. Inspirals has been worn on celebrities such as actress Rosanna Arquette and singer/musician, Aaron Neville.

Each Inspirals Handcrafted pieces emanates the themes of the natural world – inspiring energy, empowerment, renewal, beauty and self-healing. The spiral design found in every piece has many interpretations. A single spiral represents the Sun and water, elements essential for life. The spiral also represents the cycles of life and eternal renewal. The three separate signature spirals featurde in many Inspirals pieces represents the Triple Goddess of the three stages for womanhood. The precious stones are believed to have unique healing properties that lift the spirit and inspire self-confidence.


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