Allison Jane Dailey

Booth 35

Allison Jane Dailey is a self-taught artist whose work consists of digital photography which is printed on high quality gloss or metallic paper, then matted and framed in various sizes in her home studio. Her adventurous spirit and love of nature, history, and travel is brought to life in her photographs with vivid colors and textures. Some of her finished work stays true to the original photograph and some is digitally enhanced to heighten patina, convey a particular mood, or produce a more timeless look.

Much of Allison Jane’s body of work is taken through a macro lens. Nature, architectural elements, and stone angels are subjects of particular interest. Photographs are taken mostly “in the field” locally in the Birmingham area and during travel throughout the Southeast.

Allison Jane began showing her work in 2014. In 2015, she was awarded First Place in photography at the Scottsboro Art Sunday annual show. Visit for more information.