Antje Shiffer

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Outside Booth 27

Artist and owner of Everyday Treasures Born in Germany, I have been designing and creating works of art for more than 35 years using a variety of media. After moving to the United States, I was introduced to making jewelry in 2012. My custom crafted jewelry displays my heritage as well as American trends using a combination of Japanese and Czech glass beads, gemstones, wire, leather, silver, freshwater pearls, and other natural materials to create unique pieces. Every piece I makes is handcrafted using several different methods including bead stringing, bead stitching, wire wrapping, bead embroidery, and other techniques. As important as the design are the color combinations I put together to create that one-of-a-kind look for my jewelry.

My work can be found in regional shows across Southern and Central Alabama as well as in specialty stores in the Montgomery area, and online.