Archibald Longoria

Mixed Media
Urban Standard — 2320 2nd Avenue North

“Beyond Limits” is an art collaboration of photographer, Ginnard Archibald and painter, Joseph Longoria. Their pieces explore the characteristics beyond the borders of the photograph in color, structure and design. Each piece begins with the photograph, capturing the true character of the subject through the use of lighting and surroundings. The photograph or photographs are then arranged to compose a scene in harmony with the painting. This is done with either one single photograph or a series of photographs. The final step is extending the borders through creative interpretation in color, structure and design, using acrylic paint on wood. This blend of two different art mediums coming together to create one body will subconsciously allow the observer to begin exploring their own borders to the piece and subject and how they see images every day. We are inspired by places we have visited, events we have been a part of, and linking our past and present.