Brittany (Beebs) Marie Swicord


My work is inspired by my personal journey of growth, getting through trauma, finding myself worth again, and learning to love myself again. We live in a society that forces you to push your emotions and feelings down, and I think it’s important to shed light that emotions are normal and should be shown. What you push down will eventually come back up. Life will bring you to your knees, and if you don’t have the right coping mechanisms you can fall into detrimental habits. I healed through theeept and nature. My artwork is nature focused, and slowly making a shift to encouraging words that people relate to, and need to here. And of course will relate to. I keep it light hearted, and definitely tasteful. Cheesy slogans like “live life love” is not my jam. To give an idea- A beautiful and educationally structured diagram teaching where you feel your feelings in your body and what those feelings represent is what I’m going for. Drawn and painted out in an aesthetically pleasing manner of course. On a different note- i also make handmade cards and make my own envelopes to go with them. I’m very passionate about teaching the world that all feelings are valid, and we all struggle with something. I show it though my art, not usually vocally. I share a space with someone at the Make bham art studio and will start making plate platters with my artwork soon. I will have those ready well before the art show. I would be so grateful to be accepted to this art show. On my Instagram page I have a highlight called “artsy” and it shows all my work. I free hand everything. I rarely draw things out, I just pick up my paint brush and let the magic in my brain come to life. With someone to struggles with depression, art is the only thing I’ve found that gets me up in the morning. I took an 8 year break and started back in 2020 and it brought me back to life. Thank you for reading, hopefully I didn’t blab on too much.