Casey Jennings

Booth 16

Inspired by my love of all things beautiful, neutral colors with the occasional pop of color, and modern design comes a jewelry line with a name inspired by making “jewelry” with my grandmother in her house on Ponderosa Drive as a kid. I started Ponderosa Drive from my tiny apartment in Fondren/Jackson in September 2018 with the help of my two unpaid interns (i.e. cats) who are pretty useless in regards to getting things done. Yet despite their lackluster performance, the success of Ponderosa Drive has been a whirlwind! Between spending weekends making wholesale orders, selling out at rad events, and seeing friends and strangers alike wearing things I made has been a pretty amazing feeling.

All Ponderosa Drive goodies are handmade with a mix of hand sculpted polymer clay, brass components, and the occasional tassel at my home in Jackson, MS. Recently, I have also expanded into cutting my own acrylic for pieces as well.