Chris Mason

Mixed Media
Historic Morris Avenue — Between 22nd and 23rd Streets

After spending much of my adult life photographing the elements of nature, I discovered that I wanted to add to my images rather than display them alone. So I created my first mixed media piece – three painted panels featuring mounted flower prints – and decided that the photograph is just the first step in producing the type of one-of-a-kind art that I want to make.

Since that first painted panel, I have salvaged barn doors from tobacco farms, used scrap metal from old sheds, crushed glass from bottles, and even scattered sand from out west to add dimension and texture to each unique piece of art while keeping the completed work true to the original photograph.

I travel the earth in search of extraordinary images of ordinary objects and landscapes. Each image, no matter how common, becomes an individual experience for the viewer. The dynamic qualities of rivers, trees, land, and sky give me an infinite source of visual interpretations. My mission as an artist is to share my expressions of the world and allow others to develop their own responses to what I see. And as I have evolved, using paint, wood, metal, or whatever I find that complements each photo, so has my mission to enhance each natural image that surrounds us with pieces of the world that surrounds it.