Delaine Derry Green

Mixed Media
1923 3rd Avenue North

Delaine Derry Green, born in Ohio, has happily lived in the Magic City since 1996. With a BFA from Auburn University, she works as a senior graphic designer by day and a fine artist by night.

Delaine invites you to immerse yourself in stylish nostalgia with one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces that utilize acrylic paint, vintage sewing patterns from the 40s-70s, buttons, hand-sewn vellum, and other ephemera. Some pieces add an additional layer of pop culture interest by utilizing references to musicians, cinematic celebrities, and other iconic individuals. Since 2005, hundreds of Delaine’s signature works have found homes in places such as the Condé Nast building, a NYC author’s apartment, the home of an art museum’s curator, medical offices, restaurants, and many other art-loving places, far and wide. Throughout the year, you can always find her pieces at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, AL.

When not painting, Delaine can be found drawing & editing books filled with autobiographical comics, designing award-winning posters for local theaters, and making clever memes. Her printed publications have appeared in group shows at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Anno Domini Gallery. She made a prize-winning meme for Squatty Potty and had another meme retweeted by Barb from Stranger Things!

Delaine is a long-time member of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). She can’t get enough of things like mid-century modern style, thrift stores, theme parties, wigs, cheese, dogs, John McEnroe, British humour, and horror movies.