Dragana Obradovic

Athens Flatts Parking — 2306 2nd Avenue North

Dragana Leather Design Introduced to the family business of leather handbag manufacturing and design from birth in Skopje, Macedonia in 1972, I couldn’t resist the allure of learning the craft myself. My father, a successful handbag designer, was a careful instructor to me, immersing me in the intricacies of the creation and production of leather bags. I learned the value of quality workmanship, and I learned to take inspiration from nature and the world around me and transform it into stylish and practical modern designs. I mastered the tools, processes and meticulous methods of hand-crafting leather bags: the selection of material, the cutting, sewing and unique finishing work that gives my designs their special signature. After high school, I devoted myself entirely to my dream, establishing myself as a chief designer in the family company. Mesmerized by the ever changing fashion industry; I am inspired by the colors, shapes, and patterns of nature, people, animals and even architecture. I have invested myself completely in creating and delivering fine, enduring, practical and beautiful leather products. I now work from my leather studio in Birmingham, Alabama, and can confidently say I’ve found my niche in the world of design. Every stitch, unique trim, and trademark feature lovingly applied to my handbags over the past twenty years bears my exclusive signature. As the artist and designer behind Dragana Leather Design, my hope is that you will enjoy the handbags as much as I’ve enjoyed crafting them.