Emilie Morgan Cocke


My name is Morgan Cocke and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. My self-driven upbringing lacked family structure and consistency. This lifestyle developed my fiery (intense) love for abstract and cubism styles. As a child I fought and clawed for structure and control in my life. In my acrylic world, I get to dictate the rules and boundaries. Creating spaces and mind states that make no sense to the average but speaks volumes to those who felt my internal struggles and vivid emotions. During my artistic journey, I discovered Pablo Picasso. He stated that “The world doesn’t make sense so why should I paint pictures that do?”. This resonated with me. Nothing in this world makes sense, so why should I consort to the confines of other people’s expectations?

This mind set allowed me to cast away the rules of realism and pave my own path where freedom of expression reigns all.

Some cool elements of my style:

  • Perceptual changes are common. The more you look the more your interpretation evolves
  • Colors clash and collide evoking feelings from fear and anxiety to bliss and euphoria
  • I incorporate symbols, words and images that impacted my sense of the world
  • A painting is never planned and develops only from stream of consciousness, reflecting the moment that I currently exist in