Hunter H. Bell

Historic Morris Avenue — Between 22nd and 23rd Streets

Every fragment of my jewelry is from upcycled materials, a juxtaposition of slick & shiny with rusted and raw. Various metals & cultural debris merged together with balance & reverence. I create beauty from decay, fashioning otherworldly conceptions. My life as a shaman is to help heal the lost & damaged souls who cross my path, like the items I find & found me. I pass them on to another life, loaded with hope & confidence, guidance & protection, creativity & spirituality, & STYLE LIKE NO OTHER. From simple, yet elegant pieces, to bold and exotic statement pieces which have a distinct “badass-factor,” I bridge fashion, design and art by salvaging abandoned objects. Each piece is unique and original. My jewelry is sacred and unusual, with an enigmatic past. My designs are born from my own experiences and contemplation, torn from the streets, arranged and rearranged to create artistic talismans from materials otherwise overlooked, lost, and wasted. I use contrasting, even clashing metals with hues of silver, gold, brass, and copper. Slick and shiny melts and bonds with rusty and ancient, a combination of sacred geometry and symbols, with a heavy dash of abstract. The juxtaposition of lustrous and industrial, broken and decomposed.