Jeremy Irwin

EastWest Parking — 2312 2nd Avenue North

I was born and raised in this great city. I have been here for 30 years now and have always held a fascination for all the things wild this city has hidden right before our eyes. Many people forget that the Cahaba River has been called the Amazon River of North America, due to its biodiversity, and it is my goal to photograph and highlight all the beauty this place has to offer. My normal day starts with a hike with my border collie/lab mix named Summer, who I found in the woods 10 summers ago. From Red mountain, to Ruffner mountain, is does not matter where; as long as we are in the woods, we are happy! From there, I get my camera ready, and whatever I find I find. I never go with a set idea of what I am going to photograph; I just go out into the wild and let it come to me. I now have over 500 printable photos in my collection and it only grows every year.