Jessica Ann Nunno

Booth 32

Jessica has a fascination with color theory and how saturated color can be used to tell a story. She works primarily in marker and in other ink based mediums. These mediums are fantastic at providing saturated color with smooth shading. Having a BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, she is a natural storyteller. Using her illustrations to discuss the idea of opening your mind to the things we tend to look over. She invites her audience to Question Their Reality. Her work involves character and creature design, as well as world building. With a definite overarching science fiction/ fantasy/ paranormal theme. She uses her artwork to discuss themes such as opening up your perspective, mental health awareness, animal and environmental activism, isolation, self discovery and balance. Jessica works as a full time artist. She has a studio at Lowe Mill A&E where works on creating new pieces as well as sells her artwork. She teaches private one on one art lessons, teaches group lessons online through Zoom and runs a free art club for preteens and teenagers called The Junior Illustrator’s Guild. Jessica is also a contracted Teaching Artist through the Huntsville Museum of Art and the North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative, a subsection of Arts Huntsville. She is a board member of the Alabama Women’s Caucus of Art working as the Exhibitions Co-chair and the Secretary Chair. She is a member of the World Association of Artists as a professional artist and is the recipient of the Best Business in Huntsville for Artist Services Award for 2021.