Jessica Cohen

Lindsey Office Furnishings — 2223 1st Avenue North

Birmingham based artist, Jessica Cohen, has always had a love for art and nature. Combining the two, Cohen has found a new interest in insect art. Her fascination with patterns, textures and the array of colors insects display is shown through her detailed works. Each piece highlights the incredible diversity of the insect world.

Working in a variety of mediums ranging from watercolor, acrylic, to pen and pencil, Jessica’s most popular collection includes acrylic paintings of beetles and watercolor butterflies.

Her frequent use of stationary inspired her to create her very own original butterfly cards. These watercolors, which are based on her personal butterfly collection, are hand-painted and printed on premium note cards. Jessica hopes these printed cards help keep snail mail and personal thank you cards alive.

She can be found at several local art festivals in Birmingham year-round and her artwork can easily be purchased on Etsy (