Jim & Carol Waldrop

Gallery Loft Parking — 2412 2nd Avenue North

Carol and I are both retired. We started making jewelry about seventeen-eighteen years ago. It started out as a hobby, making jewelry for women in our church. Our business grew as their friends saw what they were wearing and wanted to purchase jewelry from us also. All pieces of jewelry are hand made using vintage and antique silver plate flatware. We tag each piece with the pattern, manufacture of silverware and date the silverware was made. Some pieces are over 100 years old. We clean the silverware, cut and bend them. The crosses are silver soldered along with the bud vases. Customers tend to want to purchase a bracelet the silverware was made the year they or family member was born. The price range for bracelets range from 25 dollars to 45 dollars, the rings range from 10 dollars to 15 dollars, cross pendants range between 15 to 20 dollars. We stand behind our work. If a customer is not satisfied we will replace it or refund them. Most of our shows are juried, such as, Jerry Brown in Hamilton, Al, NEACA in Huntsville, Arts Alive in Florence, Children’s Harbor in Alex City, Homestead Hollow, Springville, Al, Ross Bridge in Birmingham, Monsanto, Huntsville, Al., Moss Rock, Birmingham, Al and Piney Woods arts, Strawberry Festival, Cullman, Al.