Joe Rhodes

Mixed Media

Joe Rhodes is a mixed media artist from Birmingham, AL with a focus in painting, digital illustration, and woodworking. His art aims to combine these mediums, along with his knowledge of electronics and wiring, to present his art in a highly unique and wholly original manner with a simple goal; to make the entire presentation as integral to the work of art as the illustration itself.

The process starts with a digital illustration drawn using a stylus keeping depth, contrast, and detail in mind. This illustration is separated into four different layers pulling out the details of the art; separating them to transform a two-dimensional work into an amazing three-dimensional package. The different layers are mirrored and digitally printed onto the back side of an acrylic sheet and routed to size, however due to the nature of this print process the art appears translucent and has yet to fully take shape. To add the rest of the detail intended in the artwork, and to make the illustration opaque, each panel is then meticulously hand painted inside the fine lines of the print.

The acrylic panels are then incased in a specially crafted wooden box made from raw lumber that is cut down, mitered, stained, clear coated, and with channels for the acrylic cut into it all by hand and by the artist himself. Lastly, before the panels are put in place, Joe solders a strand of LED lights to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an infrared controller that allows the LEDs to be set to a multitude of colors or effects such as a strobe, fade, or jump between colors all of which the speed and brightness of can be controlled as well. The pieces are then fully assembled, numbered, and set up to be hung or displayed stood upright.