John Heath

Booth 11

My wife and I make carved wood relief pictures mainly of animals, birds and religious themes. We use computer techniques to build 3D models and then using equipment we made ourselves we transform the computer generated image into a relief carving. From that point we finish all our work by hand to enhance the detail. For each relief carving we make a custom frame and both carving and frame are stained and finished with a high gloss protective polyurethane coat. We also make personalized relief carvings from photographs and pictures which our customers supply us to help them celebrate a special person, pet or occasion. Our last product is personalized graduation plaques which celebrate a person’s achievements when graduating from high school of college. All our carvings we developed ourselves and are made in our workshop behind our home. We were able to develop these techniques from my training as an engineer and my wife’s artistic talent. We have been making these relief carvings for approximately 5 years. We sell our carvings on Etsy and on our website at