Kendra Leanna Embrescia

Mixed Media

Hello! My name is Kendra Embrescia and I live to create vibrantly! I am captivated by the natural world around me and experimenting with the rainbow is my passion. I have been an artist throughout the entirety of my existence but in 2021, I made the bold decision to commit to creating art full-time. I specialize in creating vibrant eye-catching artwork with an underlying “nature” theme. I work with a wide range of mediums such as acrylic/oil paints, UV-reactive powders, colored pencils, markers, epoxy resin, ink, charcoal, digital illustration and more. The subject matter of my work has a strong focus on the preservation/celebration of nature, and my style is a combination of naturalism and surrealism.

In recent years I have transitioned from using traditional canvas & paper, to utilizing more natural & sustainable materials such as raw wood slices, slate & stones. I often incorporate gemstones & glass beads into my wood slice art and finish each one with hemp twine… resulting in hangable, sustainable and long-lasting works-of-art. Much of the work I create is UV-reactive and I protect each wood slice, stone and canvas with multiple coats of clear epoxy resin, ensuring that the artwork will likely last forever.

I offer a wide array of artwork ranging anywhere from $10 to $500+ depending on the piece. Options range from small, medium and large original paintings & illustrations, to affordable hanging-wall art, stones, coasters, high-quality prints, stickers, sketches, art-cessories and more. I hope to connect with, captivate and spread positivity to my audience through the work I create.