Kimberly Farmer

Lindsey Office Furnishings – 2223 1st Avenue North

Covered in plants, my in-home studio mirrors my grounded, creative energy and allows the authenticity of my life to reflect in my work. As a result, my paintings have evolved into intricate worlds filled with bold and earthy colors contained inside leaves that layer on top of each other. This layering creates a sense of space in which viewers can lose themselves, momentarily forgetting their anxieties and filling them up with the joyful ease that permeates my own life.

Each painting starts with a walk around my home. I take note of colors that catch my eye, like the rusty orange-red of a terracotta pot or the lush warm green of the surrounding forest right after it rains. The variety of variegations that seem painted onto a leaf inspire me to create something similarly intriguing on paper. I admire the curves of a swooping bird of paradise leaf and the morning stretch of a palm frond. Mother Nature’s elegant design inspires me to create a world as joyous and delicate as hers.

After filling my well of inspiration, I spend hours sketching the best of my leafy muses and creating my own patterns of layered botanical forms. At my desk, I abandon Mother Nature’s lead as I dip my brush into vibrant and rich colors. Using watercolor techniques such as granulation, wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, splattering, and dry-brushing, I try to create visual textures that are dreamy and delicate. I design variegation patterns of my own by painting thin, organic lines within these colorful leaves. To finish off my whimsical worlds, I add details in the background like splatters of paint or some far-away trees and mountains. The result is a celebration of the world that surrounds me.