Lauren Jackson

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Outside Booth 24

Lauren’s artistic goals are best described with two words: simply elegant. Even at a young age, Lauren was always creating or making things. Her jewelry designing began as a hobby and a fun way to make gifts for friends and family. After graduating from the University of Alabama Apparel and Textile Design program in 2007, Lauren worked in the fashion industry for several years before deciding that she really wanted to get back into her “hobby” of jewelry making. In 2010, Lauren started el.en collection. She began selling her jewelry at trunk shows hosted by friends and family, at craft shows, and local boutiques. Quickly el. en collection expanded into boutiques all over the Southeast.

Jewelry design is a fun way to share Lauren’s creative talents. She continues to be inspired by the constantly changing fashion world and create unique and exciting pieces. Lauren strives to create jewelry that won’t look out of place with a casual jeans and t shirt, yet still contains an elegance that makes it perfect for more formal outfits. el.en collection can both stay on the cutting edge of fashion as well as stand the test of time.