Lauren Lambert Jackson

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el.en collection is a jewelry line made of hand crafted one of a kind pieces. Each piece of jewelry is unique, and is able to stand alone with a simple outfit or complement that new fashion piece. Lauren Lambert’s artistic goals are best described with two words: simply elegant. Even at a young age, Lauren was always creating or making things. Her jewelry designing began as a hobby and a fun way to make gifts for friends and family. After graduating from the University of Alabama Apparel and Textile Design program in 2007, Lauren worked in the fashion industry for several years before deciding that she really wanted to get back into her “hobby” of jewelry making. In 2010, Lauren started el.en collection. She began selling her jewelry at craft shows and local boutiques. Lauren prefers to make jewelry that won’t look out of place with jeans and a t-shirt, yet still contains an elegance that makes it perfect for more sophisticated and formal outfits. Pieces from el.en collection can both stand the test of time and still remain stylish and contemporary.Each piece is made using natural stones and the highest quality materials. Labradorite, amazonite, lapis, and sapphires are just a few of the stones that are used throughout the collection. Brass, 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains make up the structure of most pieces to ensure that each piece is durable and able to last through the years.